Professional Services

AG's Professional Services is backed by extensive Project Management & Development experience in the field of Telecommunications and Computer Networking Systems. This comes from our project managers and engineers who are expert in designing systems and solutions to meet the customer's stringent specifications, within strict project timescales, and budgets. This is achieved by having a full understanding of project management techniques. Moreover, our Professional Services includes undertaking Turnkey Projects and Solutions.

The concept of a Turnkey Project is simple; the customer awards the project to the supplier, and at the end he receives the 'key' to a fully working and reliable system.

In practice the success of this type of project [from the customer's point of view] is very rare. However, at Almoayed Group we have been on 'both sides of the fence', both as customer and supplier. We therefore know and fully understand the requirements of each.

Project Management and Design

For any project to be successfully developed and completed it is essential that competent Project Management & Design Skills be implemented right from the Conceptual Stage. It is also essential that the Project Management & Design Team understand, not just the Technical or Commercial Implications, but also the cultural implications.

In order to build a successful Project Management & Design Team it is therefore essential that a 'good mix' of skills and expertise be utilized. This will necessitate the Project Management & Design Team to include Local and Foreign Staff with Technical, Commercial, Regulatory and 'Local' expertise.

This team will meet on a regular basis in order that the Project can be competently controlled, and that any problems can be quickly resolved. Almoayed Group will ensure that the Project Development is controlled and maintains the desired course.

Project Implementation

The Project Management and Design Team decides all Technical Design issues. In addition, the technical members of this team will form the core of a 'Project Implementation Team' who will complete all commissioning and testing requirements for all installed equipments.


The foundation for any of the success for IT investments lies in the reliability, scalability and availability of IT infrastructure. Almoayed Group is focused on creating the foundation for success by ensuring that our client's infrastructure keeps pace with their dynamic business and technology needs.

We provide a full range of services encompassing the evaluation, design, implementation, and management of infrastructure.

Core Service Areas:

  • Infrastructure Planning
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Cloud design and deployment
  • Storage Solutions
  • Data Centre
  • Intelligent Building