Public Sector (Govt)

Leveraging over 25 years of public sector experience, Almoayed Group is a major provider of ICT and business services to the Public Sector. Drawing on its extensive sector knowledge, Almoayed Group enables government organizations to run their operations more securely, cost-effectively and efficiently through its consulting and system integration expertise.

Over 500 Almoayed Group consultants and engineers are leading transformation programs to enable the modernization of the Middle East administrations. With over $18m annual revenue, and 42% of its revenue in Public Sector, Almoayed Group is one of the top providers of IT services to the Governments for most of the Middle Eastern countries.

Almoayed Group works in partnership with Governments throughout the whole spectrum of the public sector - in healthcare, social security and welfare, defense, budget and finance, taxation, justice, licensing, information processing and security. Delivering smart, innovative and flexible solutions, Almoayed Group helps its public sector clients deliver citizen centric services in all the spectrum of modern government activities.

Delivery and reform are key issues in the Public Sector and are inextricably linked to the modernizing and more open agenda of most countries today. Governments are moving to implement leading-edge IT solutions and are upgrading their infrastructures to allow multi-channel access for users, suppliers and the public. The aim is to promote new and improved services and deliver increased value for money, particularly in healthcare, education and transport.

Leveraging over 25 years of public sector experience, Almoayed Group provides a broad portfolio of consulting, systems integration services, managed operations services and technologies that enable government organizations across the globe to run their operations more securely, cost-effectively and efficiently.

Our solutions cover the three key areas that affect the Public Sector:

  • Service delivery and administration
  • Web-based e-government systems
  • Smart card-based network security solution

We also help governments and enterprises by improving back-office services, enhancing the supply chain and taking advantage of advances in the area of business intelligence and analytics. We have improved back-office services for a number of local government offices across Middle East implementing both ERP and eProcurement systems.