Press Release 10-AUG-2014

Almoayed Group WLL introduces Almoayed ICT as part of its new Corporate Brand Identity

Almoayed Group WLL has introduced Almoayed ICT as part of its new Corporate Branding Initiative. This forms part of the Group's endeavour to consolidate the various existing divisions and group subsidiaries, Almoayed Data Group (ADG), Almoayed Telecom (Amtel), Almoayed Networks (Amnet) and other subsidiaries under one Corporate Image and Brand Identity. "Our aim is to create a platform for future growth" said Executive Director, Dr Nawaf Almoayed.

Unifying various entities is a key part of the long-term strategy, that will provide the necessary framework to achieve the desired growth targets. The new entity will be better geared to serve the customers by combining resources and expertise under one roof and will reinforce the Companies position as a turnkey solutions provider for all customers ICT requirements. "The ICT industry is inherently one of the most dynamic and fast-changing industries, and the organisation has evolved pro-actively over the past three decades," said Almoayed Group WLL Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Parag Bhave.

Press Release was made in Gulf Daily News on 10th August 2014